Koinos Supercharger Event (Calling All Coders!)

1781 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 7
1781 Registered Allowed team size: 1 - 7

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Jul 10, 2023, 07:00 AM ()
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Sep 07, 2023, 06:59 AM ()


Koinos Supercharger Event

Calling all Coders!

Join us for the exhilarating 4-week virtual experience of the Koinos Hackathon!

$20,000 in prizes, grants, and ecosystem incentives across multiple winners!

Starting July 10th, this dynamic event is designed to bring together talented developers to shape the next generation of dapps. Register today and dive deep into this hackathon extravaganza!

Supercharge your app

Koinos is an open and free technology stack that puts developers in control of the platform they use to build their applications and their livelihoods. 

Big tech companies provide great tools, but in addition to extracting as much money from you as possible, they also act as gatekeeper which gives them the power to literally delete the very foundation of your application. Koinos is all about deleting gatekeepers and making you, and your app, unstoppable. 

We’re not telling you to use Koinos because it’s a blockchain. We’re saying that because Koinos is a blockchain, that means it’s open, free, and redundant, so that no matter what happens, your application will always be there and because Koinos is the only free-to-use blockchain in the world, you don’t lose anything by trying it. 

Building on big tech has a ton of risk. Building on Koinos puts you in control while removing practically all risk.

To Get Started:

All projects must utilize Koinos technology in order to be eligible for a prize. Please refer to SUBMISSION GUIDE for more information.

To Register for the Hackathon please follow the steps below:

  • Step one: Register on HackerEarth, and Koinos Pro

  • Step Two: Join the Koinos Discord

  • Step Three: Update your team info on HackerEarth, and invite others to join via Discord and the HackerEarth platform

  • Step Four: Explore Koinos documentationresources, and Resource Center

  • Step Five: Attend workshops and webinars (Dates TBA)

  • Step Six: Get extra help from the Koinos team on Discord and in Office Hours

  • Step Seven: Submit your project before the August 31st deadline! 


Koinos: level up your apps!

Koinos Group is excited to be partnering with HackerEarth to sponsor this hackathon for Koinos; a new technology that allows developers to empower people through digital ownership while using the tools and technologies you're already familiar with.

The Koinos Revolution

Koinos is the world's first free-to-use blockchain, disrupting the status quo, and crafting a new path towards a democratic and equitable internet. Our mission is to accelerate decentralization through accessibility, and we want you on board for this incredible journey!

The Challenge: Forge The Future!

We challenge you to build applications that leverage the groundbreaking capabilities of the Koinos Network. It's time to unleash your creativity, innovative thinking, and technical prowess. Together, let's forge the future of the internet!

Seize the Opportunity!

Jump to the forefront of an industry and showcase your skills to a network of industry leaders and peers. Win not just exciting prizes and recognition, but also the unique chance to shape the direction of the internet. Learn, grow, innovate, and contribute to something truly extraordinary!

Ready, Set, Innovate!

Participating in the Koinos Hackathon is as simple as a click. Sign up on our HackerEarth event page, assemble your team, or brave the challenge solo, and let the ideas flow!


Social Track

In the Social track, the challenge is to leverage Koinos and its unique ability to integrate digital ownership into free-to-use applications to deliver powerful new social experiences. Koinos has built-in security, privacy, and provable fairness that can be used to create people-powered social networks, privacy-enhanced communication tools, or applications that leverage economic incentives to motivate real word social interactions.

Gaming Track

The gaming industry is ripe for disruption by solutions that put developers and their users in control, for this track we're looking for those who can leverage the free-to-use design of Koinos to create fun and engaging games that empower developers and users through digital ownership while delivering a frictionless user experience.

Onboarding Track

Challenge: use the skills you already have integrating app user management and apply them to Koinos. The problem with blockchain onboarding is that it’s too complicated with too many steps. Explore the middleground between Web2 and Web3 onboarding enabled by Koinos.

Prizes USD $20000 in prizes

Main Prizes
Social Track Winner

$5,000 KOIN

Gaming Track Winner

$5,000 KOIN

Onboarding Track Winner

$5,000 KOIN

Special Prizes
Runner Up (3 Total)

$1,000 KOIN per runner-up per track

$50 KOIN For The First 40 Eligible Projects That Submit!

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Help & Support

Please contact event admin
Aadarsh Shetty at aadarsh@hackerearth.com
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